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By simply providing us with your nonwoven product specifications, our team of experts and advanced machinery will swiftly process your request within seven days. Once completed, we will promptly deliver a complimentary sample to you for evaluation.

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Bulk goods are transported by sra at a law cost usually

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if hurry, we can also send it toyou by air at an extra cost.

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We hawe a 3rd-party QC toguarantee the quality


Our matrmals are eco-firendly and biodegradable

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We support andy form of OEM custamzatian requirements

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contact us 24x7 to selve all your after sales problers.

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Why Can we do 7 days proofling?

We are proud of our ability to quickly bring your ideas to life at our non-woven fabric factory.With over 12 production lines and advanced machinery, we can produce high-quality products that are built to last. our experienced team of 20 product experts can support you throughout the entire production process.

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