Laminated Non woven Bag Silver

the laminated nonwoven bag offers durability, water resistance, attractive appearance, and eco-friendly benefits. Its versatility makes it suitable for various applications, ranging from retail packaging to promotional events. Consider this bag as a sustainable and practical solution for your packaging and carrying needs.

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Bag Size

[Specify dimensions, e.g., 14 inches (width) x 16 inches (height) x 4 inches (depth)]

Handle Length

24 inches

Laminaed Color



Heat Transfer Printing, Machine Printing, Silk-Screen Printing

Details about Laminated Non woven Bag Silver

Welcome to our collection of laminated nonwoven bags, where style meets sustainability. Our range of durable and eco-friendly bags is designed to meet your packaging, carrying, and promotional needs. With their water-resistant properties and customizable options, these bags are the perfect choice for businesses and individuals seeking a reliable and environmentally conscious solution.


  • Durable and tear-resistant construction
    Our laminated nonwoven bags are built to withstand the demands of everyday use. Constructed from nonwoven polypropylene fabric and reinforced with a thin layer of protective film, these bags are designed to handle heavy loads without compromising on strength. Whether you’re carrying groceries, books, or everyday essentials, our bags are up to the task.


  • Water-resistant lamination
    Say goodbye to worries about spills and moisture. The laminated surface of our bags provides excellent water resistance, ensuring that your items stay dry and protected. Bid farewell to flimsy plastic bags and embrace the reliability of our laminated nonwoven bags.


  • Sleek and attractive design:
    Our bags don’t just deliver in functionality; they also make a statement with their sleek and glossy finish. The lamination adds a touch of elegance, enhancing the colors and designs printed on the bag. Perfect for retail packaging or promotional events, these bags are sure to catch the eye and leave a lasting impression.


  • Customization Options:
  1. Logo/Artwork: Customizable with your logo, artwork, or branding
  2. Bag Color: [Specify available colors or color options]
  3. Lamination Color: Clear (transparent)


  • Packaging:
    Bulk packaging in cartons or as per customer requirements


  • Versatile applications:
    From retail packaging to grocery shopping and promotional events, our laminated nonwoven bags are your versatile companions. They provide ample space for your items, and the sturdy handles ensure comfortable carrying. Whether you’re a business looking to enhance your brand image or an individual seeking an eco-friendly alternative, our bags are the perfect fit.



Please note that the above specifications are provided as a general guideline, and actual specifications may vary depending on the manufacturer and supplier. It is recommended to consult with the supplier for detailed and accurate specifications based on your specific requirements.

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