What is non woven?

non woven Fiber

Non woven are extensively characterized as sheet or web structures fortified together by trapping fiber or fibers (and by puncturing films) precisely, thermally, or artificially. They are level, permeable sheets that are made straightforwardly from isolated filaments or from liquid plastic or plastic film. They are not made by winding around or weaving and don’t need changing the strands over completely to yarn.

    Non woven are designed textures that might have a restricted life, single-use texture or a truly solid texture. Non woven give explicit capabilities, for example, retentiveness, fluid repellence, versatility, stretch, delicate quality, strength, fire retardancy, launderability, padding, warm protection, acoustic protection, filtration, use as a bacterial boundary and sterility. These properties are frequently joined to make textures appropriate for explicit positions, while accomplishing a decent harmony between item use-life and cost. They can mirror the appearance, surface and strength of a woven texture and can be essentially as massive as the thickest paddings. In mix with different materials they furnish a range of items with assorted properties, and are utilized alone or as parts of clothing, home decorations, medical care, designing, modern and purchaser goods.(references from wikipedia)

      Non woven are utilized in various applications, including:

Medical Nonwovens3-Medical-Non-woven-SS-SMS-SMMS-Usage

• isolation gowns
• surgical gowns
• surgical drapes and covers
• surgical masks
• surgical scrub suits
• caps
• medical packaging: porosity allows gas sterilization
• gloves
• shoe covers
• Bath Wipes
• Wound dressings


• gasoline, oil and air – including HEPA filtration
• water, coffee, tea bags
• pharmaceutical industry
• mineral processing
• liquid cartridge and bag filters
• vacuum bags
• allergen membranes or laminates with non woven layers

Geotextiles Non wovenGrass green non woven flower wrapping paper

Nonwoven geotextile sacks are considerably more strong than woven packs of a similar thickness.

Geocomposite channel comprising of needle-punched nonwoven channel and transporter geotextiles ofpolypropylene staple strands each having a mass for every area of 200 g/m².

Nonwoven geotextile compartments (blockades) are utilized for

• soil stabilizers and street underlayment
• foundation stabilizers
• erosion control
• canals construction
• drainage systems
• geomembrane protection
• frost protection
• pond and canal water barriers
• sand infiltration barrier for drainage tile
• landfill liners

       They are more strong in dealing with when contrasted with their woven partners, and in this way were in many cases liked in enormous scope disintegration security undertakings like those at Amrumbank West; Tight Neck, Queensland; Kliffende house on Sylt island, and the Eider Blast. In the last case, just 10 packs out of 48,000 were harmed regardless of a high establishment pace of 700 sacks each day.

Other Non woven Application

• diaperstock, feminine hygiene, and other absorbent materials
• carpet backing, primary and secondary
• composites
• marine sail laminates
• tablecover laminates
• chopped strand mat
• backing/stabilizer for machine embroidery
• packaging where porosity is needed
• Shopping bags
• insulation (fiberglass batting)
• acoustic insulation for appliances, automotive components, and wall-paneling
• pillows, cushions, mattress cores, and upholstery padding
• batting in quilts or comforters
• consumer and medical face masks
• mailing envelopes
• tarps, tenting and transportation (lumber, steel) wrapping
• disposable clothing (foot coverings, coveralls)
• weather resistant house wrap
• cleanroom wipes

    Our company is a professional non woven manufacturer, producing various specifications of non-woven fabric products, providing sms non woven with a maximum width of 3.2 meters, the color can be customized according to customer requirements, and it can be double-sided. Special treatments such as hydrophilic, anti-aging, anti-static and anti-ultraviolet are carried out according to customer requirements.


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