Shhhh… Listen! Do You Hear The Sound Of Non Woven Fabric Used In Agriculture?

non woven fabric used in agriculture

Non Woven Fabric Used In AgricultureNon woven fabric used in agriculture is a new material better than plastic film. The outstanding advantage is that the material has excellent water and steam penetrability, better permeability, transmittance, penetration of chemicals; and its loose structure and good puff performance can accumulation and also can be used combined with chemical fertilizers and pesticides; It has good heat resistance and weather resistance, also anti-UV and heat insulation, to improve the environment and the growth conditions, but also play a protective role.(references from wikipedia)

Advantages non woven fabric used in agriculture?

Nonwoven is lighter than traditional cold mulch like straw and leaves. Its storage capacity is small, hard to mildew hard to decay, it has a long service life, convenient operation and management, and will not pollute the soil. And because of nonwoven processing of short process, low cost and low price, therefore it more adapted to the occasions which general output value of agricultural production is low and less profits.

Non woven fabric used in agriculture is now widely used in vegetables, flowers, herbs, tea, rape, ginseng and a portion of crops, fruiter and trunk protection, etc.. It can keep warm, shading, prevent frost, rain, snow, wind, preventing diseases and pests, mice and birds. It also can significantly improve crop yields and in advance or delayed maturation time, Increase farmers’ income, and can provide produce for the market in a timely manner.

Fields of Application

Non-woven as the second insulation cover for hothouse, Floating cover material, weed barrier fabric, frost prevention, seedlings film and another materials have been used widely in vegetable planting. Also been used in overwintering cultivation like strawberry, citrus and flowers, nursing seedlings of rice, corn and cotton, it can likewise used in  early muturing and high yielding of gineseng, sweet tea and tea.

Covering nonwoven, not only has the effect of cooling and sunshade in summer, thermal and frost-resistant in winter, cultivation for early and prolongation maturity in spring and autumn. Meanwhile, it has some advantages such as insects killing and disinfectiona dfficacy, weeding, acceleration of plant growth, increase the output of the crops and so on. Especially its degradability, it could degradating by light and biologics without pollute the environment.

Different types of Non woven fabric used in agriculture

For preventing the attack of insects when seeding and fruit ripening, ensure germination rate and protecting the fruits of high quality and high value, people usually use breathability of nonwoven fabrics, and be used for protection bags of seed and fruit instead of paper. Its high water absorbability can be used for fruit storage. Otherwise, it can be used as package root bag or another  agriculture nonwoven bags.

Function and Performance

Non woven fabric used in agriculture already widely used in micro-climate regulation(seedling cover, insulation cover), seedling cultivation, irrigation, crop and tree protection, material of multi-functional plant growth matrix, mulch material, agricultural geotextile, various of agricultural bags, fruit jacket etc.. It not only can increase crop yield, but also improve the climate conditions, reduce energy consumption, protect the ecological environment, so the market has great potential. Most of agricultural nonwoven fabric made of polyester or polypropylene spunbond non-woven fabric (when using polypropylene as raw materials, it should be added in the slice UV radiation anti-aging agent), processing into 8g / m2 – 80g / m2, width over 1m – 2m. There are a range of colors to choose which according to the situation of plant growth, therefore they  can meet the requirements of different transmittance or shading rate. Its main role is as follows:

1.Thermal and Frost- Resistant

As a second nsulation cover for hothouse, Farm non-woven fabric can raise the temperature about 1℃ – 3℃ in the greenhouses, elevated 2℃ – 4℃ in the warmhouse, which can promote crop growth, early maturity, shorten growing seasons and increase profitability.

Nonwoven as the heat preservation covering material widest used in agriculture. It used as a non-woven cover to adjust and improve the crops growth environment in poor climatic conditions, to achieve techniques of early maturity, high yield, high quality and efficient cultivation. Generally, it uses non-woven in 8g/m2 – 50g/m2, nonwoven width over 50g/m2 often use for frost resisting. Non-woven material can increase 2℃ – 4℃ ground temperature for crops covering, and resistant to infrared radiation and prevent pest invasion, to ensure proper ventilation of the warm spring.

2.Absorption and Conservation of Moisture

The growth of plants depends on the temperature, water and sunlight. Agricultural non-woven can reduce the relative temperature in the greenhouse about 6% to 17%. It could control the damage by disease and insect of fruits and vegetables effectively, thereby reducing the amount of pesticide use. While lowering the cost of agricultural production, it can also reduce the pollution of pesticide on crops and protect human health. In some arid areas, the agricultural nonwoven ground covering play a role in preserving entropy, for sprouting growth of crop seed, as well as improving the yield.

3.Dimming and Cooling

The intensity and length of light and temperature  around the world is in a huge difference. Therefore, people can chose different color or thickness of nonwoven to dimming and cooling according the requirements of crops for sunlight and temperature.


Greenhouses and protective pouch are using by vegetables and fruits, to prevent the damage of pests and birds, and cide pollution. Especially, the fruit jacket, compared with paper bags, it not only has better strength, also hard to damage, and its better effect, longer life, could improve the quality of the fruits, and cut the costs.

5.Energy Conservation and Water Conservation

This is the most conspicuous influence. After its use, a lot of water for agricultural irrigation reduced. Because of its heat preservation effect is better in the greenhouse during the winter. So it has energy – saving and water-saving effect.

Performance Requirements

According the different effects of farm nonwoven fabric, its performance has different requirments.

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